To Feed or Not to Feed?

Baffled Squirrel Have you heard about the recent rash of backyard robberies in the area? Many of them have happened in broad daylight.

So who are the daredevils that committed these crimes?

They’re none other than your backyard squirrels.

It’s no secret that squirrels can eat all of your birdfood as well as damage your feeders and chase away the birds you want to see.

How do you deal with these mischeif makers? Either feed 'em or defeat 'em.

You can have fun with your squirrels by offering them food on a squirrel feeder like the Squngee®. It will give your squirrels the ride of their furry little lives.

The simplest way to defeat squirrels and blackbirds is to offer safflower seed in your feeders. Many songbirds love to eat safflower, but squirrels and blackbirds typically do not.

You can also offer your seed in one of our squirrel-proof feeders.

These feeders are designed to keep those furry critters and larger birds like blackbirds from dining on your seed.

If you already have a feeder that is not squirrel-proof, using a dome or baffle can help keep them away.

Stop by the store this month if you’ve been a victim of a backyard heist. We know of a variety of ways to foil your backyard bandits, all without issuing an All Points Bulletin.